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Host Managing

Looking to optimize your property as a vacation home rental? The short-term rental economy is growing fast and we at Five Star are here to help! We work with home owners from all over the country and we are looking forward to assisting you!




  • Years of hospitality experience, people and travel are our passions.

  • We manage the marketing of the listings, sales, check-in/checkouts, and make the STR experience for our homeowners simple and hassle-free.  

  • We are in the business of building long-term relationships. Our homeowners are our partners and we are available to them at all times during their STR journey.

  • Vacation home rentals are one of the fastest growing ways to travel in the world today.

  • Homes converted from traditional year-long leases to short-term rentals consistently offer high earnings and provide a great opportunity for homeowners to optimize their monthly and yearly returns.

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